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Our Mission
Provide professional, detailed, objective, and expert building envelope and indoor environmental assessments that apply the most current information and technology about building structures and their indoor environments for the purpose of serving and protecting our clients’ health and safety, as well as their financial investment. 

To provide comprehensive, objective, and independent reports that will enable our clients to understand the current state of their indoor environment and the necessary steps to improve their indoor environment.

Our Goal

Educate our Clients and be a resource for them both during and after the assessment and to help our Clients improve their indoor environment with building envelope and indoor environmental recommendations specific to their needs and goals.

Our goal is to become our Clients personal Indoor Environmental consultant for life!

Our Testimonials
John P. Lapotaire, CIEC is one of Florida’s Leading Indoor Environmental Consultants and is currently on the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) formerly the American Indoor Air Quality Council (AmIAQC) National Certification Board. John is an honest Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Consultant that you can count on.

With an extensive background in Building Science he has consistently proven to be capable of locating, isolating, and correction the Cause and Origin of IAQ issues within homes and offices.

We are proud to have him on our team.


Great Company

I was having allergy issues in a rental home and was not sure if it was related to the house or not.  IAQ Solutions, Microshield was quick to help, easy to schedule and work with, and conducted a thorough analysis of the air quality in my rental house. With their help I was able to pinpoint the source of my problems and resolve it.

Now I feel like I have my life back again. They were very thorough and went above and beyond the call of duty while inspecting the home. I was very please with their service and attention to detail.

D Bush,

So thankful that our paths crossed John and his company Microshield.

Without them our home would still not be safe. With his depth of knowledge and experience in the field he wrote a protocol to fix our home.

Through this he also educated us on the proper processes when it comes to mold and the standards that others should.

His strong ethics and professionalism were solid and I will always refer everyone I know to him.

Jennifer C
Orlando, FL

I'm often asked if I do "mold inspections" to which I reply "I don't do germs (mold) and I don't do bugs (termites) but I'll do electricity and plumbing all day long."

For "germs" I always recommend John and his company Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS - Microshield Environmental Services, LLC.

When my clients work with John I know they will get a very thorough and complete inspection done by someone that truly understands the service he's providing and can explain the results to our mutual clients.

Jim N
Orlando, FL

John shows attention to detail and brings knowledge to our company as well as our customers.

I would highly recommend John and his Team.

Michael M
Orlando, FL

John is a knowledgable and experienced professional with great experience solving indoor air quaility and building envelope issues.

I am looling forward to working again with John in the near future.

Dan M
Melbourne, FL

Top Notch and Highly Professional!

John & Lydia certainly has proven that quality service still exists! They were timely in meeting our needs, but have continued to provide excellent service and support.

Thank you, you have made a friend for life!

James P

Winter Springs, Fl

First-grade professional, honest, highly knowledgeable in his field

We hired Microshield Environmental Services to investigate an odor problem as well as consultation on construction defects, building performance issues.

John is an honest contractor and a straight shooter who went to bat for us at several meetings we had. He stood up and argued for us and helped us a good bit.

Larry O

Orlando, FL

Pleasant experience--high level of professionalism

IAQS, Microshield Environmental Services did an environment assessment of residents.

Their service was prompt, courteous and very professional, organized, timely, and efficient.

Tommy T

Orlando, Fl

John is very knowledgeable in both the building envelope and IAQ field.

He also has extremely strong client service skills. I enjoy working with John and recommend him based on his experience, knowledge, and customer satisfaction.

Sean F

Orlando, FL

Our family is alive today, because Microshield genuinely cared. Words can never express our gratitude for all they have done. After being taken advantage of by other companies that were not even certified, John came to our rescue!

Besides John's professionalism and honesty. John and his family sincerely has a heart for people. They go all out to ensure the best care is provided, not just for their services, but also other companies that they recommend.
Microshield, Indoor Air Quality Solutions really cares!
They go all out to ensure the best care is provided!
Loren R.
Casselberry, FL

Very professional and thorough.
I was impressed with the comprehensive report including photos of the areas with issues and the prompt turn-around time after the test was done.

Contractors I invited to give me estimates all said positive comments about Microshield when I inquired if they (contractor) was familiar with their (Microshield, IAQ Solutions) work.
Charles C.
Oviedo, FL

Remediation Experts

Will and I CAN NOT thank you enough for your amazing generosity of your time and expertise that you shared with us!


A short time ago I was searching the internet in desperation for answers  as to how we could correct a failed remediation of our home performed by an inexperienced contractor. 

I came across  your phone number and called just to ask a simple question.  Little did I know, I just  stumbled onto Superman of the mold world.  “Cheesy, but true”


You not only took my call, you took me under your wing.  I know you spent endless hours in conversation with our contractor, assessors and other related parties to help find a solution.   I stood in amazement  at your persistence and quest to help us through this situation.  I repeatedly said to my husband, who is this person who would give so freely of himself. 

What you did for us was more then  I could ever have hoped for, or expected. 


Just as I was thinking that, you contacted me with a suggestion for a conference call with all parties involved.  The conference call took place; you acted as a mediator.  Your expertise shined above all others during the 2 hour meeting.  You even helped me through my technical difficulties, since it was evident that I was not computer savvy at all.  Many concerns were addressed and issues resolved as a result of the meeting.  I believe we are now able to move forward with putting our home and life back together.


John, you are a rare find!   Your level commitment and dedication to your profession and others is truly outstanding.  If I could fly a banner over the state of FL recommending you and  Microshield Environmental Services, LLC, I would do so.


God Bless!


Sandra Carlson

Victory Property Management, LLC

Great company

I can't believe the level of professionalism that I was shown by this company.

They went above and beyond with their follow up and making sure that the work done on my house was done according to their specifications.

I would highly recommend this company.

Jill H.
Orlando, FL

A Good Experience!

I had an overall good experience with Microshield Environmental Services, LLC. It was my first time dealing with potential Chinese drywall, so I searched for a company that could offer testing for it. Not a lot of companies do that, so that's how I found them.

After that, they had good follow up with the testing, and they were there when they said they would be. They did everything they said they would do.

Luke C.

Orlando, FL

IAQ Solutions, Microshield provided a full microbial inspection and detailed report of a house I was in the process of trying to purchase. They informed me of everything going on in the house, from any mold in the walls, to what is coming through the air vents.
They performed a visual inspection as well as taking indoor environmental measurements. They measure down to .5 micrometers for particulates.
The inspection report is very detailed and gives both a general overview of what they are are looking at with specific details of what they found.
They also give a good overview of general recommendations for things anyone can do to improve the air quality in their home, as well as very specific recommendations to improve on based on their findings.
IAQ Solutions, Microshield was very timely and professional and helped answer all of my questions. They reviewed their findings with me, summarizing what was going into the report. I received the report electronically and in a timely manner. The report helped satisfy the requirements my lender was requesting concerning the house. I enjoyed working with them to learn more about the home I purchased in addition to satisfying my lender's requirement.
Everything was great! The report provided all the information the lender was looking for and I was a satisfied home buyer fully informed about the house I was trying to purchase.
Orlando, FL

I had had a health issue which I suspected might have been caused by our indoor air quality, & my wife had had coughing problems as well.

I called upon Microshield to assess our air quality. They arrived soon after &, with the help of a variety of technical instruments used to measure air quality factors, they made their way throughout our house, attic & garage.

Their obvious expertise in translating the meaning of these various readings enabled them to identify a kitchen pantry as the primary source of a humidity problem.

By identifying the effects of characteristics unique to that room they offered a number of ideas for eliminating the problem.

I am currently considering which option to use, & they have assured me that they are always available to answer any questions I may have.

In fact, they called me soon after I received their report to offer any assistance I might need.

Alfred W
Orlando FL

One of the best companies I've ever delt with

Their knowledge and service were impeccable in providing the service they perform under stressful circumstances

William B.
Orlando area, FL

IAQ Solutions provided Air quality test throughout the home, checked attic for evironmental problems. Made recommendation to get energy survey and to have sealing done around all ceiling lights.
All went very well, they were a team of 3 all family. They are very knowledgeable, John has building contractor experience and understands the contruction enviornment.
It was an overall good expierience.

John & Lydia, the owners & operators of Microshield, performed a thorough assessment of all factors influencing our indoor air quality, including the interiors of 2 A/C air handlers.

Additionally, while Lydia continued testing various indoor locations, John went outside & examined the exterior of our house, including the roof.

Their final report identified a number of problem areas, both inside & out that we have begun to address. Their final report of 24 pages, including photos, was invaluable in helping us to understand how & why problems develop & how to correct them.

It translated some very technical analysis & results into layman's terms that was both interesting & helpful as we addressed our problem areas.

I had had a health issue which I suspected might have been caused by our indoor air quality, & my wife had had coughing problems as well.

William S
Altamonte Springs FL

Thoroughly Professional!

Microshield ES investigated our water leak-mold episode, guided us through what could have been a very stressful period, and left all the participants feeling comfortable.

Bobby .
Merritt Island, FL

We had a shower leak, which caused some mold damage in our master bathroom.

John and Lydia came the same day we contacted them. They came with all the right equipment to detect the leak and assess the mold situation.

They helped us contact the remediation company to come out the next day. They worked closely with the remediation company during the entire process of cleaning up.

They also preformed the clearance test after the remediation and had the remediation company do some re-cleaning when they did not pass the test the first time.

John and Lydia are very knowledgeable and were very sensitive to our needs .

Their degree of professionalism and care was above our expectation .

They were very dependable and provided us with all the documents as they promised.

We would highly recommend them to anyone who may need their services.

Winter Springs

Nothing but good!

Microshield Environmental Services was extremely thorough, professional, easy to work with, and responsive.

I have nothing but good stuff to say about them.

They were excellent!

Joy C.

Very knowledgeable

John really knows about air quality and did a great job finding out what was causing our home's air quality problems.

I would definitely recommend.

Winter Park, FL

We had mold testing done previously which identified the type of mold, but did not pinpoint the source.

I looked at Microshield's website and was impressed, so I called for an appointment and spoke to Lydia.

They did a very thorough job of testing and inspecting the house. They identified a problem in our AC closet that had never been found in 20 years of living here and that will fix the AC issues we have had for a long time.

We have annual AC inspections, so I was shocked. The AC closet is actually pulling air from the attic, which vented to the outside, which is likely the reason there is such a high particulate count in the house and why the house is so hard to keep cool in the summer.

They also identified the source of the mold. We were puzzled about the source since we had not had any roof leak in many years and no water runs on that side of the house.

We received the report as promised, via email.

I highly recommend this company.

April G
Orlando FL

Excellent Company!

I have been very pleased with my experiences with this company.

I have used them for environmental reports and protocol repair recommendations on several occasions.

They are very professional and take the time to thoroughly explain the processes and the results.

I recommend them highly.

Margaret .
Clermont, FL

Very knowledgeable.

WE are very appreciative of the guidance and real world advice they provided in determining how to upgrade/fix the problems with our home.

Flynn .
New Smyrna Beach, FL

Knowledgeable and Excellent Service

Both John and Lydia are knowedgeable and customer oriented.

Although they were not the lowest priced;

I believe they were the best value.

Follow-up advice has been provided on at least three or four subsequent occasions.

Don .
Oviedo, FL

It was very hard to understand what was going on, but took the time to explain and make me feel better.

The work that was done was a lot and I had no idea of the work into getting mold out.

Your test and explaination of what had to be done and test to proof that it was taken care of made the family at ease and feel safe in our own home again.

Thank you
Ms Vazquez

Cclermont, FL

I felt Microsheild did a great job analyzing my home air quality.

Laura .
Altamonte Springs, FL

Very impressive owners of company.

Did an excellent job of detecting my problem in the house.

Leesburg, FL

I think Microshield Environmental Services is very thorough. I'm still working with them. Though I'm not finished working with them, so far they have been very helpful, and it has been a good experience.

Thursby Pierce
Orlando, FL

My experience with Microshield Environmental Services has been great.

They come to my house and to my business to do indoor air quality testing and stuff like that.

They are very professional and very thorough.

Kurt G.

Wintergarden, FL

We discovered that a toilet had been leaking from the base into a plywood subfloor due to an insufficiently thick wax ring.

By the time we called Microshield, the air in the home smelled musty, and all three of our children were complaining of stomach pain and other odd symptoms.

They mapped the moisture beneath our wood floor, and talked us through a very conservative approach to identifying the problem and cleaning out our home.

Their tests identified the bacteria that was making the kids ill, and their moisture maps by infrared camera led to the discovery of some nasty mold behind our kitchen cabinets.

They worked very well with our insurance company, and even rewrote invoices so that I could submit appropriate ones to our adjustor and pay out of pocket for additional testing I requested.

I also felt they were truly interested in fixing the problem. This is a husband and wife team who seem to have made it their mission to standardize mold remediation to a national level.

They were meticulous and professional throughout, and very responsive to my questions.

Their prices were very fair, and they were conservative in their counseling as far as sampling is concerned.

They are not alarmists, they will not try to instill panic in order to convince you to test every inch of your house for mold.

I am the type of homeowner who asks lots of questions, and I think overall they did their best to answer them.

Stephanie Schoolfield

We noticed something in our home smell musty, and causing us to feel ill while at home. We Googled mold inspection companies and found Microshield. They were very helpfull on the phone. Lydia explained the process to me in great patient detail.

John and Lydia came to our home and found a leaking shower. They mapped the moisture in our walls around our shower and explained the remediation process.
They checked the entire home to ensure that there were no other areas to worry about.

Their inspection and protocol prices were right in the middle of the pack and they did'nt want to charge us for a lot of extra testing.

We would recommend Microshield to anyone!

Lisa Noonun
Orlando, Florida

Thank you so much for coming out to diagnosis the air for our home that provides recovery services and housing for homeless moms with children.

We have many calls daily asking for assistance, and we didn’t want to open the back apartments until a professional company inspected them.

We highly recommend your company for their thoroughness and time spent with us sharing ideas for immediate air enhancement along with a long term treatment program.

The air we breathe is so vital to our health and we sincere appreciate the environmental services that Microshield provides.

We would recommend Microshield to any customer.


Steve Smith, President
New Beginnings

John is an experienced indoor environmental consultant that has helped many of the Florida consumers we have referred to him in Central Florida.

He was one of the first professionals to qualify for a Florida Mold Assessor license.

He is a Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC), a nationally recognized designation that requires 8 years of experience.

Commercial or residential consumers should consider John for their indoor environmental concerns. 

Doug & Jan Wall, Radon & Mold Professionals
Bonita Springs, FL

Lydia is a detailed oriented consultant who has a deep concerned for environmental issues.

I would recommend Lydia to anyone who is in need of her services.

Larry Riley, Orlando

I have known John for quite a few years.

Our business relationship has been very good.

I  highly recommend John due to his knowledge, professionalism, and being an up standing person.

John S. Mudrick ASCS, CVI, CIE.
State Certified AC Contractor
Ductz of Greater Orlando

Dear John

Thank you very much for your honesty and assistance.

Mike & Barbara Costakis
St Cloud


Thank you for the work that you have done for me.

The reports you produce are top notch and the customer service is in my opinion one of the best in the industry.

You go above and beyond for everyone

Jeremy Hettich
Operations Manager at H2O911.com

Microshield responded quickly and professionally when I contacted them regarding a water leak in a bathroom of my daughter's home. 

My daughter has an autoimmune disease and John and Lydia were very understanding of our concerns regarding mold in the home as a result of the water leak.  They provided a comprehensive protocol for the restoration contractor and even came out on a Saturday to test the home. 

My daughter and I are very pleased with their service and their fee.

Ted Holz
Winter Springs

John is a pleasant surprise to his service industry! He is highly educated in his field and has performed above and beyond the scope of what I thought was his "job description".

I would recommend Microshield without any hesitation!

In today's economy, it is nice to know there is still someone 'out there' with above standard work ethics!

Michelle Goddard, Orlando

I am pleased to share my professional experience with John. I have known John for a couple of years now.

He has functioned as a mold assessor. My company has functioned as a mold remediator.

John exhibits professional and personal qualities that I respect and place great value on:

1. Professionally, he is meticulous and does not accept work that does not meet or exceed industry standards.

2. Personally, he exhibits the highest ethics with respect to his work and the greatest respect for his clients.

I have repeatedly referred my clients to John for their mold testing needs.

While his standards for clearance are more strict than most mold assessors we work with, we are always comfortable knowing that we are leaving our clients with a properly restored environment, with respect to mold, when John does the Post Remediation Verification Inspection & Clearance Testing.

Pat Rogusky, Owner,
Innovative Restoration Technologies

I have had the pleasure of working with Lydia and her husband for three years and hope to continue working with them for years to come.

They are professionals with integrity and high knowledge of the IAQ and environmental arena.

With their dedication of providing legally defensible investigations while maintaining excellent customer service, I am confident that everyone that hires them will be extremely pleased with their outcome.

Melissa Helmick

EMSL Regional Account Manager
Chapter Director IAQA

Lydia is a detailed oriented consultant who has a deep concerned for environmental issues.

I would recommend Lydia to anyone who is in need of her services.

Larry Riley
OSHA Outreach Instructor
Access Safety Compliance Training, Inc.

John is the consummate professional. His dedication to learning and education has enabled him to stay at the top of his game and, in the process; help hundreds of people improve their living conditions indoors.

I would recommend him to evaluate problems and offer solutions for any environmental issue a client might face.

It is a pleasure to be able to offer this recommendation!

D. Douglas Hoffman ,
Executive Director , NORMI National
Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors

John's testing of the premises and subsequent recommendations were just what we needed to address an IAQ issue.

He was professional and showed good customer service throughout the process.

Katherine Gallagher
Property Manager at Masco Administrative Services, Inc

John did a great job for us. His extensive knowledge is evident and he takes pride in not only the task at hand, but in sharing knowledge with his clients.

I felt like he really cared that I had the knowledge I needed to keep our air quality good long after he left.

He was willing to take the time required to answer any of our questions and listen to the whole story. Our results were negative, but the knowledge and peace of mind were worthwhile.

Thank you

Steven Bonneau

John is the type of IEQ consultant that is constantly seeking out the most current information on all aspects of IEQ issues.

As the IEQ industry continues to grow and incorporate new information and technologies it is people like John that will help clients get the most current and appropriate advice available.

Joe Hughes, President/Co-host,
IAQ Training Institute, LLC & IAQ Radio

John is very experienced in his field and conducts himself in a very professional manner. His equipment is top notch and I consider him to be a leader in his profession.

I would highly recommend using Microshield on your next project.

Thank You,

Rob Supertino
All American Water Restoration, Inc.

Lydia is a detailed person who is always available to help with our IAQ needs.

She goes out of her way to make doing business a pleasure. 

Jack Machise
Pres. JLM Design & Remodeling

Lydia is a consumate professional.

High ethics combined with expertise and a sense of urgency make Lydia the smart choice for your company

Bill Moody
Marketing Manager
H2O911 Restoration and Construction

John is a consummate environmental professional with great attention to detail.

He is highly skilled and provides a great service to his clients.

Irv Kraut, CIH
Director of Environmental Services at JVI

In my experience with John, I know him to be a hard working, conscientious, and honorable person that my clients can trust to provide the facts of an issue.

He is someone who knows both indoor air quality and the building science.

John will stand by his word, which is something that is lacking in this world at this time.

Sean Doyle,
Director of Operations, DEL-AIR

I have relied on John over the past few years for his expertise in regards to indoor air quality.

I am involved with the spray foam industry which places a high importance on healthy buildings. John's expertise in this field has proved valuable to me on numerous projects.

I would highly recommend him and will use his services in the future."

Derek Dwyer
Florida Territory Manager
Demilec LLC (USA)

Lydia is a detailed oriented consultant who has a deep concerned for environmental issues.

I would recommend Lydia to anyone who is in need of her services.

Larry Riley,
OSHA Consultant & Instructor,
Access Safety Compliance Training, Inc

I have worked very closely with John P. Lapotaire to manage mold remediation services. He has provided professional guidance to determine the most effective means to manage this critical work and be in compliance with the IICR S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation.

During the time we spent analyzing and implementing the least cost alternatives, I was able not only to gain firsthand knowledge of John P. Lapotaire's abilities as a professional Building Envelope & Indoor Environmental Consultant but also exposed to his work ethic to solving commercial and residential antimicrobial application considerations.

He has a distinct ability to get his point across and get the job accomplished.

John P. Lapotaire's performance in all of these areas is outstanding and I respect his knowledge and his business planning expertise

Ralph Vock
Owner, RLV Services Inc dba
Puroclean Emergency Restoration Specialists

John is a dedicated professional who keeps up on his trade giving back to the community through public talks on IAQ and volunteering as an adult leader and trainer for Central Florida Council Boy Scout program.

One of the rare positive role model people in our community, John keeps the good things happening for our youth.

Erik Penfield,
Managing Director,
E˛ Advisor Services, LLC

John has been a great blessing for us at H2o911 Restoration in Central Florida.

He helped us in opening our Central Florida Division and getting the name out quickly, He helped us turn estimates into jobs immediately, and as a result we are expecting our second year of profit.

John is highly respected by our employees at H2o911 Restoration for his willingness to help anyone anytime he can.

He is very well organized, diligent in his paperwork, easily reachable, and always on time. We will return to John for many years to come.

For these reasons, I would highly recommend John as your service provider.

Jana Keeling
Business Development at H2o911 Restoration

John and his company provided an excellent air quality inspection for us he was very professional and was well worth the money spent for peace of mind.

Thank you again and look forward to working with John in the future!

Thank You Microshield

Ross Kempster

John was very helpful in an asbestos abatement case where the homeowners were looking to renovate their existing kitchen but had flooring that contained asbestos under their kitchen tile. John helped me with walking the homeowner through what we needed to do to get the job done.

John always returned my calls and was very helpful in helping me understand what needed to be done.

I will definitely use John's services in the near future

Jon Kilgore, LEED AP
Managing Partner at BRC Builders, LLC

I have known John for several years and have learned that his combination of professional and personal qualities sets him apart from others.

He is an expert in his field and is driven to provide the highest level of service to everyone he meets.

John approaches each individual as his most important client, creates lasting relationships, and always exceeds expectations. His sincere and professional approach, his unmatched ethics and integrity, and amazing passion for serving others is matched only by his outstanding results.

John is someone you can count on, and someone you want on your team.

Jerry Sulsenti

John Lapotaire and Microshield Environmental Services have been a pleasure to work with. John has provided me with expert advice on how to protect my homes and offer my customers an environmentally safe home.

From John to the office staff and field personnel, all have been professional and reliable.

I definitely will continue working with John and Microshield Environmental Services."

Jeff DiCiero, Owner
Gold Leaf Custom Homes

When working with John, I found him to be an enthusiastic manager, who strived to build a cohesive team. He was always striving for the correct solution in a fast paced, frenetic, environment.

He is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the construction industry. I enjoyed working with John and I am sure anyone who engages his company will as well.

Brad Walker
Director of Development
The St Joe Company

John is a outstanding professional.

He takes on challenges and goals. Completes task with high recommendations.

Joe Strada
Sales Manager at Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning

I have had the opportunity to work on several projects with John and found his analysis and recommendations to be thorough and well thought out.

His concern for his client’s well-being is second to none.

I would not hesitate to recommend any of our customers to John.

Brian Hastings , President ,
4 Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.

John always provides professional, experienced service for us and our clients whenever we have a mold mitigation challenge.

During several of our renovation projects, John has worked both as a subcontractor and as a consultant for us and we rely on his expertise whenever we are confronted with these issues.

I would be glad to recommend John and his company for your needs.

Rick Jennings, GMB, CGR, CGP
Owner/Manager, Nautilus Homes

I have engaged John's firm on several occasions we have always found his firm to be professional, knowledgeable and a team player.

John reflects a lot of diligence to be a top source of information in his field and I would work with his firm again and always consider him a valuable source in air quality and indoor environmental matters.

Doug Bush, President 
SSW and Bush Contractors, LLC

John has extensive training and experience in the Indoor Air Quality field and is highly qualified.

John's company, Microshield Environmental Services is the only IAQ Company I recommend to my clients and I recommend him knowing our mutual clients will be completely satisfied with his work and professionalism.

I am proud to be associated with him.

Richard Ross, President,
Accurate Home Inspections of America, LLC

You may find several people to attest that John is an expert in his field. What many may not know is his commitment to community and providing a better environment for which people live and work.

John did not hesitate when I presented an opportunity to help out a local historical group with a building that has some challenges.

Not only did he donate his time and expertise, but has committed to continuing his assistance far beyond what most people would have.

Thank you!

W. Steven Edmonds, Jr.,
Owner/President, WE Home Inspections, Inc

John is a savvy business person that knows his field well. He understands the details behind mold remediation and water extraction as it relates to both residential and commercial applications.

You would do well to consider Microshield for your environmental needs - your home or business will thank you.

Cassandra Branson, Managing Owner,
President, Mango Tree Interiors

John is a professional who always delivers quality service on time, in budget and with confidence to exceed expectations.

Before going anywhere else, ask him for advice and trust you will receive the best answer within the industry.

Casey Dare,
Superintendent / Customer Service manager,
KB HOME Construction

I first met John when Buyers of mine wanted their home tested for absolutely everything in the world! I thought their request was frivolous, considering that the home they were buying was just about brand new!

But John came in, set up his equipment, and in a very professional way, set up an unbiased testing ground to see if there were any allergens, mold spores, or anything that was dangerous living in the air in the home.

His work became a curious project for me to observe. With technology that befuddled me, John proceeded to maneuver his equipment like a pro! Ultimately, when the time came for the inspections to be completed, John's report was succinct, exact, and presented in a clear, precise and respectful manner.

I have just called John to have the drywall tested in our personal home! If I did not think John was THE BEST in Orlando, I would not have called on him the minute I heard about the Chinese Drywall problems!


Debbie Kantor, Realtor 
Re/Max Town Centre

John Lapotaire is a professional in the true sense of the meaning of professional.

Not only is his work professional, but his demeanor, language, report and communication is also professional. He is trustworthy, budget minded, and has an excellent skill set as an industry professional.

He understands the bigger picture, and respects the opportunity for servicing clients in a professional manner which creates top of mind awareness.

We will utilize his services again in the future.

Marlene Linders,

Owner, Philders Group Intl Inc

Orlando Chapter Director, Indoor Air Quality Assoc.

John Lapotaire has been a trusted colleague and service provider to me for the last five years.

I consider him to be an expert on construction methodology in the residential field which lends further credence to his ability in the specialized field of indoor air quality rating and consulting.

I would not hesitate to obtain services from John at all and trust the results would be completely to my satisfaction.

Ken Goldberg Owner,
Chandler/Goldberg, LLC

John is extremely knowledgeable in the area of mold contamination and what causes the situation to happen in the first place.

I have worked with many in his field and find John to be heads above the rest.

Patrick Monroe, Orlando

John is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people.

His communication skills are excellent and he has a deep and detailed knowledge of his profession.

Guy Holt

After bad experiences with other companies in this field and receiving conflicting advice with poor results and delayed answers etc.

John was a breath of fresh air. His knowledge, professionalism, desire and willingness to work with and advise me to ensure that I performed the best work possible to give my clients the best results possible vs. just being a testing company who only cared about getting paid to perform tests regardless of the outcome was outstanding.

I will be using him exclusively from now on.

Jeff Abelman,
Owner Marlin Pro Construction

John has a great IAQ presentation.

He visited our group (USGBC- Brevard Branch) and he was very knowledgeable and informative.

Well worth inviting him, I highly recommend John.

Linda Molica
Brevard Branch Steering Committee
U.S. Green Building Council

John Lapotaire did an excellent job finding the source of the water damage that others had not been able to locate.

He made great recommendations and had our problems solved quickly.

Microshield will be the only company I'll call for services next time.

Joel Peisner, Winter Springs

I would highly recommend John for any of your Environmental issues pertaining to real estate.

He is very personable and knowledgeable about environmental issues and I have no doubt in his ability to resolve any issues with clean air quality.

Before you build or remodel, give John a call.

Clayton Human
Eco Tech Builders Inc.

John is extremely professional in all aspects of his field, provides a great service for the price quoted and shows up on time.

You can't go wrong with John as he will always guide you in the right direction.

I would have no problem recommending John to anyone I know including family members and you can't ask for more than that.

Thanks Microshield!

Chris Brown, Orlando

John has been a great asset to my company he has always had a quick response time and has always been able to cater to my business needs.

I have no issues with putting John in front of my customers to help explain the processes involved with our remediation and rebuild projects.

I could not ask for someone better to partner up with on these difficult and challenging projects.

Jim Talbert

Owner Multifamily Restoration

John was the perfect additional to our team.

He is very straight forward and knowledgeable in his field.

As part of the team, he also took the time to educate our clients which kept things running smoothly.

Greg Hardwick,P.E.,CGB,CGP,LEED AP
Owner Hardwick General Contracting,Inc.

John was extremely professional a true pleasure to work with.

Thanks John

Jimmy Kolomiyets Owner 
Emergency Response Restoration

John Lapotaire is very knowledgeable in the area of Indoor Air Quality and provides excellent feedback for those that have little or no experience in the field.

John is a professional and well versed in his area of expertise.

Bonnie Klein, C.M.R,
Marketing Manager,
Florida Mold Consultants

John Lapotaire has abundant industry and product knowledge. He is by no means new to this industry.

He is top notch when it comes to trouble shooting and eliminating the problem.

Dan Ekberg, Owner,
Ekberg Stucco, Inc.

As a real estate professional, I have been in a position to refer builders and property managers to Microshield and John to handle environmental issues that could potentially arise in homes.

John is a true professional and I would highly recommend him and his company.

We have had many conversations with regards to the subject of mold in Florida and the damage it can cause to homes.

John has the knowledge and expertise to handle these types of problems!

Kathryn Fairchild, Owner,
Service First Title

John is an outstanding IAQ business professional!

I highly recommend his services to everyone!

Erik Hansen, Orlando

Thorough understanding of building construction issues and relationships of those looking for solutions to problems.

A great resource to have on your team.

David Foley
Owner, Home Solutions Specialists
John's knowledge and expertise in the field of indoor air quality and moisture is outstanding.

A true professional and a pleasure to work with.

Kip Braden Vice President
Empire Window Inc

John is a detailed oriented indoor environmental consultant whose ethics and work ethic are unsurpassed in his industry.

Alex Fox Superintendent,
Hardin Construction

John has a vast amount of experience in Indoor Environmental Issues and has solved many of my customer’s mold and mildew issues. 

Thank You Microshield

David Dwyer Owner,
Dwyer Industries, Inc.

I've had the pleasure of working with John from Microshield, and the recommendations and protocol was very thorough and well written.

Findlay Dinger, President,
ServiceMaster Recovery Systems

“He is amazing................”

Stefani Glaser,
Director of Marketing,
Willard Brothers Construction

I've known John for over 7 years and in that time; I've known John to be thorough, knowledgeable and diligent in all facets of work that he performs.

I would recommend John with respect to any opportunity that he is provided.

Christopher Uhland,
CEO, SkyeTec

John is an outstanding professional who exercises integrity, honesty and understands the true meaning of customer service.

John is an asset to the company he represents.

Derek Andruss,
Purchasing Manager,
DiVosta Homes

John is a man of his word and a true expert in air quality.

I recommend his company and his service to anyone.

Thanks John & Microshield

Chris Curtis

John conducts his work with a very high degree of integrity.

I will continue to recommend his services to all my clients.

Thanks Microshield!

Katherine Bordelon REALTOR
Fannie Hillman + Associates, Inc.

Knowledgeable Professional Reliable Honest Follow-up with a personal touch.

I recommend John and Microshield

Bob Wentz
Win Win Inspections

John has keen knowledge of his industry and has the communicative skills to collaborate with other experts or explain the process to a lay person.

I highly recommend Microshield.

Eddie Mezardjian
Owner, Mezardjian Group

I am writing this recommendation for John because I find his work ethic, his desire to deliver high quality standards of excellence to his peers and clients as absolutely outstanding.

John please use my name and refer me anyone that you desire to have talk to me about yourself and the quality of workmanship that you give freely and openly.

Hart Davidow, Owner,
New Dynamics, llc

The building I worked in was known as a "sick" facility.

John's expertise helped to improve the health of the environment.

Joe Oliver, Orlando

John is a hard working detail oriented consultant that knows what has to be done and gets it done.

He is customer/client oriented and provides a high level of customer service.

Thanks John

Michael Shipley, Agent,
AIG American General Life and Accident

John's knowledge of the Indoor Environmental Services he provides gives you a feeling that you know the job will be taken care of right.

YES, I highly recommend John to do the job.

Della Headley, Deland

John is very dedicated and always there to lend the helping hand. He listens to your needs and delivers with no delays or problems.

I recommend John to get the job done!

Tiffany R Executive Realtor,
Charles Rutenberg Realty

I have Known John for several years. He has been a great help to me a number of times. He is always there when needed and dose an awesome job.

I would have John work for me or with me at anytime.

Toby Sullivan,
Associate Pastor,
Inner-City Church

I have known John for over six years and have always found him to have a very high standard of work ethic and integrity in everything he does.

I highly recommend John and Microshield.

Jim Bostwick,
Applied Research Communications Lead,
Lockheed Martin

It is my pleasure to endorse and recommend John. John is fair and acts in a very professional manner in his work.

I look forward to working with him again in the future.

My Thanks,

Jimmy Wear President,
The Wear Group, Realty

Home patients using oxygen need the cleanest air possible.

John can offer easy, effective solutions to help home patients breathe easier, literally.

Thanks John

Jean F. Smith RN MBA

John Lapotaire provided information for a project. The information was accurate and relevant.

With the information he provided we were able to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Nathan Sullivan,
Timberlake High School